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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Quantification of carbon emissions and savings in smart gridsEng Tseng, Lau
26-Jan-2021Radi, M., Darwish, M., Taylor, G. and Pisica, I. (2021) 'Control Configurations for Reactive Power Compensation at the Secondary Side of the Low Voltage Substation by Using Hybrid Transformer' Energies, 14(3), 620, pp. 1-23. doi: 10.3390/en14030620.Radi, M; Darwish, M; Taylor, G; Pisica, I
28-Jul-2023Reactive Power Control of PV Inverters in Active Distribution Grids with High PV PenetrationAboshady, F; Pisica, I; Zobaa, A; Taylor, G; Ceylan, O; Ozdemir, A
10-Sep-2022Scalability and Reliability Analysis of a Novel Cloud Platform for TSO-DSO Information and Data ExchangeAmjad, M; Taylor, G; Lai, CS; Huang, Z; Li, M
2-Jan-2014Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK: Literature ReviewXenias, D; Axon, C; Balta-Ozkan, N; Cipcigan, L; Connor, P; Davidson, R; Spence, A; Taylor, G; Whitmarsh, L
7-Apr-2023Sequentially coordinated and cooperative Volt/Var control of PV inverters in distribution networksAboshady, F; Ceylan, O; Zobaa, AF; Ozdemir, A; Taylor, G; Pisica, I
2016Situational awareness architecture for smart grids developed in accordance with dispatcher's thought process: a reviewLiu, Y-B; Liu, J-Y; Taylor, G; Liu, T-J; Gou, J; Zhang, X
1-Jan-2017A Standardised Modular Approach for Site SCADA Applications within a Water UtilityPisica, I; Gray, A; Taylor, G; Whitehurst, L
2014Supervisory Power System Stability Control using Neuro-fuzzy system and particle swarm optimization algorithmSallama, A; Abbod, M; Taylor, G
2020Validation of dynamic GB transmission system models with PMU data for hardware-in-the-loop studiesImris, P; Bradley, M; Taylor, G; Li, Y
15-Apr-2021Written evidence (BAT0009)Lai, CS; Taylor, G; Darwish, M; Locatelli, G