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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986A family of numerical methods for the numerical solution of Blasius' equationTwizell, E H
1984Finite difference methods for a class of singular two-point boundary value problemsTwizell, E H
1987Global extrapolation procedures for linear partial differential equationsTwizell, E H
1984Implicit methods for the simple wave equationTwizell, E H; Tirmizi, S I A
2004A mathematical model for the burden of diabetes and its complicationsTwizell, E H; Boutayeb, A; Achouayb, K; Chetouani, A
2003A model of dengue feverTwizell, E H; Derouich, M; Boutayeb, A
1985Multiderivative methods for linear second order boundary value prob1emsTirmizi, S I A; Twizell, E H
1985Multiderivative methods for nonlinear second order boundary value problemsTwizell, E H; Tirmizi, S I A
1981Non-linear optimization of the material constants in Ogden's strain-energy function for incompressible isotropic elastic materialsTwizell, E H; Ogden, R W
1985A note on methods with 0(H4) and 0(H6) phase lags for periodicTwizell, E H
1985A note on phase-lag computations for multiderivative methods for second order periodic initial value problemsTwizell, E H
1990Numerical methods for sixth-order boundary-value problemsTwizell, E H; Boutayeb, A
1981The numerical solution of the wave equation at the first time stepTwizell, E H
1981A numerical study of heat flow in an elliptic cylinder with interior derivative boundary conditionsTwizell, E H; Smith, P
1982Partial differential equations in medical biophysicsTwizell, E H
1985A two - grid, fourth order method for nonlinear fourth order boundary value problemsTwizell, E H
2004A two-dimensional mathematical model of percutaneous drug absorptionTwizell, E H; George, K; Kubota, K