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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Fire safety assessment of super tall buildings: A case study on Shanghai TowerJiang, J; Chen, L; Jiang, S; Li, G-Q; Usmani, A
2015High strength steel in fireWinful, DA; Cashell, K; Pargeter, RJ; Barnes, AM
2019Residual Fire Resistance of Steel Frames Following Moderate Earthquake - A Case StudyZhou, M; Jiang, L; Chen, S; Usmani, A; Cardoso, RP
2020A thermo-mechanical analysis of stainless steel structures in fireZhou, M; Cardoso, RP; Bahai, H; Usmani, A
20-Sep-2019Virtual hybrid simulation of beams with web openings in fireKhan, MA; Jiang, L; Cashell, KA; Usmani, A
2012The world trade center 9/11 disaster and progressive collapse of tall buildingsKotsovinos, P; Usmani, A