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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Integrative Annotation of Variants from 1092 Humans: Application to Cancer GenomicsKhurana, E; Fu, Y; Colonna, V; Mu, XJ; Kang, HM; Lappalainen, T; Sboner, A; Lochovsky, L; Chen, J; Harmanci, A; Das, J; Abyzov, A; Balasubramanian, S; Beal, K; Chakravarty, D; Challis, D; Chen, Y; Clarke, D; Clarke, L; Cunningham, F; Evani, US; Flicek, P; Fragoza, R; Garrison, E; Gibbs, R; Guemues, ZH; Herrero, J; Kitabayashi, N; Kong, Y; Lage, K; Liluashvili, V; Lipkin, SM; MacArthur, DG; Marth, G; Muzny, D; Pers, TH; Ritchie, GRS; Rosenfeld, JA; Sisu, C; Wei, X; Wilson, M; Xue, Y; Yu, F; Dermitzakis, ET; Yu, H; Rubin, MA; Tyler-Smith, C; Gerstein, M
2010Measuring pregnancy planning: An assessment of the London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy among urban, south Indian womenRocca, CH; Krishnan, S; Barrett, G; Wilson, M
2007Multi-board run-time reconfigurable implementation of intrinsic evolvable hardwareLambert, C; Kalganova, T; Stomeo, E; Wilson, M
2009Respect: Results of a pilot project designed to improve behaviour in English footballBrackenridge, CH; Pitchford, A; Wilson, M
2005Terror threat perception and its consequences in contemporary BritainGoodwin, R; Wilson, M; Gaines, SO
2009There's no contest: Human sex differences are sexually selectedPound, N; Daly, M; Wilson, M
2010Troponin release following endurance exercise: Is inflammation the cause? a cardiovascular magnetic resonance studyO'Hanlon, R; Wilson, M; Wage, R; Smith, G; Alpendurada, FD; Wong, J; Dahl, A; Oxborough, D; Godfrey, R; Sharma, S; Roughton, M; George, K; Pennell, DJ; Whyte, G; Prasad, SK