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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-May-2017Macro-heterogeneities in microstructures, concentrations, defects and tensile properties of die cast Al–Mg–Si alloysJi, S; Yang, H; Cui, X; Fan, Z
10-Jul-2019Microstructure and mechanical properties of SiC whisker reinforced CoCrNi medium entropy alloysWang, J; Yang, H; Huang, H; Ruan, J; Ji, S
17-Apr-2019Microstructure and properties of CoCrNi medium-entropy alloy produced by gas atomization and spark plasma sinteringWang, J; Yang, H; Ruan, J; Wang, Y; Ji, S
2019A novel Fe <inf>40</inf> Mn <inf>40</inf> Cr <inf>10</inf> Co <inf>10</inf> /SiC medium-entropy nanocomposite reinforced by the nanoparticles-woven architectural structuresWang, J; Yang, H; Liu, Z; Ji, S; Li, R; Ruan, J
2017Permian–Triassic boundary microbialites at Zuodeng Section, Guangxi Province, South China: Geobiology and palaeoceanographic implicationsFang, Y; Chen, ZQ; Kershaw, S; Yang, H; Luo, M
2015Repeatability of tensile properties in high pressure die-castings of an Al-Mg-Si-Mn alloyYang, H; Ji, S; Watson, D; Fan, Z
20-Jun-2018Small microbialites from the basal Triassic mudstone (Tieshikou, Jiangxi, South China): Geobiologic features, biogenicity, and paleoenvironmental implicationsYang, H; Chen, ZQ; Kershaw, S; Liao, W; Lü, E; Huang, Y
4-Jul-2018SO3 decomposition over CuO–CeO2 based catalysts in the sulfur–iodine cycle for hydrogen productionWang, LJ; Zhu, YQ; Yang, H; He, Y; Xia, J; Zhang, YW; Wang, ZH
4-Jun-2019Synergistic effects of WC nanoparticles and MC nanoprecipitates on the mechanical and tribological properties of Fe<inf>40</inf>Mn<inf>40</inf>Cr<inf>10</inf>Co<inf>10</inf> medium-entropy alloyWang, J; Yang, H; Liu, Z; Li, R; Ruan, J; Ji, S
2016Wiebull analysis for the repeatibility of die castings made by an al-mg-si-mn alloyJi, S; Yang, H; Watson, D; Fan, Z