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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Calculating crack extension resistance of concrete based on a new crack propagation criterionDong, W; Wu, Z; Zhou, X
2017A case of water absorption and water/fertilizer retention performance of super absorbent polymer modified sulphoaluminate cementitious materialsLi, L; Chen, M; Zhou, X; Lu, L; Li, Y; Gong, C; Cheng, X
-Chloride ion penetration resistance of concrete containing fly ash and silica fume against combined freezing-thawing and chloride attackZhou, X; Fu, B; Zhang, L
9-May-2018A comparative study on stress intensity factor-based criteria for the prediction of mixed mode I-II crack propagation in concreteDong, W; Wu, Z; Tang, X; Zhou, X
2016A comparative study on two stress intensity factor-based criteria for prediction of mode-I crack propagation in concreteDong, W; Wu, Z; Zhou, X; Wang, C
15-Dec-2014Coordinating a Supply Chain under Demand and Cost DisruptionsErbao Cao; Zhou, X; Lu, KJ
2016Development and Optimisation of Phase Change Material-Impregnated Lightweight Aggregates for Geopolymer Composites Made from Aluminosilicate Rich Mud and Milled Glass PowderKastiukas, G; Zhou, X; Castro Gomes, J
2019Drought Occurring With Hot Extremes: Changes Under Future Climate Change on Loess Plateau, ChinaSun, CX; Huang, GH; Fan, Y; Zhou, X; Lu, C; Wang, XQ
2017Durability of concrete containing fly ash and silica fume against combined freezing-thawing and sulfate attackWang, D; Zhou, X; Meng, Y; Chen, Z
2016Early-age mechanical properties and electrical resistivity of geopolymer compositesSafari, Samira
15-Dec-2017Effects of Limestone Powders on Pore Structure and Physiological Characteristics of Planting Concrete with Sulfoaluminate CementGong, C; Zhou, X; Ji, L; Dai, W; Lu, L; Cheng, X
14-Jan-2019Effects of moisture gradient of concrete on fracture process in restrained concrete rings: Experimental and numericalDong, W; Zhao, X; Zhou, X; Yuan, W
2015Effects of specimen size on assessment of shrinkage cracking of concrete via elliptical rings: Thin vs. thickDong, W; Zhou, X; Wu, Z; Kastiukas, G
2017Effects of waste glass on alkali-activated tungsten mining waste: Composition and mechanical propertiesKastiukas, G; Zhou, X
2017Evaluation of de-icing chemical and moisture mass transfer in freezing soilsSarsembayeva, Assel
2018Evaluation of the Preparation and Fertilizer Release Performance of Planting Concrete Modified by Recycled Concrete Aggregates from DemolitionLi, L; Chen, M; Zhou, X; Lu, L; Wang, Y; Cheng, X
2016Experimental and numerical investigations on fracture process zone of rock-concrete interfaceDong, W; Yang, D; Zhou, X; Kastiukas, G; Zhang, B
2016Experimental Studies on Void Detection in Concrete-filled Steel Tubes using UltrasoundDong, W; Wu, Z; Zhou, X; Tan, Y
2016Experimental study of equal biaxial-to-uniaxial compressive strength ratio of concrete at early agesDong, W; Wu, Z; Zhou, X; Huang, H
2017An experimental study on crack propagation at rock-concrete interface using digital image correlation techniqueDong, W; Wu, Z; Zhou, X; Wang, N; Kastiukas, G