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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Preparation conditions for the synthesis of alkali-activated binders using tungsten mining wasteKastiukas, G; Zhou, X; Castro-Gomes, J
2017Pull-out Behaviour of Hooked End Steel Fibres Embedded in Ultra-high Performance Mortar with Various W/B RatiosAbdallah, S; Fan, M; Zhou, X
2017Quantifying the influence of elliptical ring geometry on the degree of restraint in a ring testDong, W; Zhou, X; Wu, Z; Luo, H; Kastiukas, G
2013Rheology of semi-solid fresh cement pastes and mortars in orifice extrusionZhou, X; Li, Z; Fan, M; Chen, H
2016Study on utilization of carboxyl group decorated carbon nanotubes and carbonation reaction for improving strengths and microstructures of cement pasteYan, X; Cui, H; Qin, Q; Tang, W; Zhou, X
27-Apr-2019Sustainable Calcination of Magnesium Hydroxide for Magnesium Oxychloride Cement ProductionKastiukas, G; Zhou, X; Neyazi, B; Wan, KT
2019Sustainable Calcination of Magnesium Hydroxide for the Production of Magnesium Oxychloride CementsKastiukas, G; Zhou, X; Neyazi, B; Wan, KT
22-Nov-2018Three-dimensional Analytical Model for the Anchor Pull-out Response of Anchor-Mortar-Concrete Anchorage System due to Interfacial Bond FailureWang, Y; Wu, Z; Zheng, J; Zhou, X
5-Feb-2017Water absorption and water/fertilizer retention performance of vermiculite modified sulphoaluminate cementitious materialsLi, L; Zhou, X; Li, Y; Gong, C; Lu, L; Fu, X; Tao, W