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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Performance comparison of SVC with POD and synchronous generator excitation system to investigate oscillation damping control on the GB transmission systemRabbani, R; Zobaa, AF; Taylor, GA
2016Performance of grid-connected solar photovoltaic systems with single-tuned and double-tuned harmonic passive filtersMendis, MA; Zobaa, AF; Pisica, I; Abdel Aleem, SHE
2003Power factor and your electrical utility bill in EgyptAziz, MMA; El-Zahab, EE; Zobaa, AF
2013Power quality issuesEditor: Zobaa, AF; Zobaa, AF
2015Power quality issues of 3MW direct-driven PMSG wind turbineAhmed, IA; Zobaa, AF; Taylor, GA
2011Power quality: Monitoring, analysis and enhancementEditor: Zobaa, AF; Editor: Canteli, MM; Editor: Bansal, R; Zobaa, AF; Manan Canteli, M, et al
17-May-2018Practical considerations for optimal conductor reinforcement and hosting capacity enhancement in radial distribution systemsIsmael, SM; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Abdelaziz, AY; Zobaa, AF
2004Practical considerations regarding power factor for nonlinear loadsAziz, MMA; El-Zahab, EE; Ibrahim, AM; Zobaa, AF
2017A probabilistic approach for maximizing the islanding success in microgridsOsama, RA; Zobaa, AF; Abdelaziz, AY; Swief, R; Ezzat, M
2016A reliability based model for generation and transmission expansion planningAhmadi, A; Mavalizadeh, H; Zobaa, AF; Shayanfar, HA
2016Risk assessment and possible mitigation solutions for using solar photovoltaic at airportsAli, MF; Abdel Aleem, , SHE; Zobaa, AF
2011The role of smart sensor networks for voltage monitoring in smart gridsVaccaro, A; Zobaa, AF; Zeineldin, HH; St√ła, P
2014Separated magnet yoke for permanent magnet linear generator for marine wave energy convertersGargov, NP; Zobaa, AF; Pisica, I
2015Short circuit study of fixed speed wind turbines with STATCOM in distribution networksNaain, MM; Zobaa, AF; Darwish, M
2016Sustainable Energy - Technological Issues, Applications and Case StudiesZobaa, AF; Afifi, SN; Pisica, I
2017Techno-economic and environmental analysis of power generation expansion plan of GhanaAwopone, AK; Zobaa, AF; Banuenumah, W
2010Temperature effects on the electrical performance of large area multicrystalline silicon solar cells using the current shunt measuring techniqueAbdel Mageed, HM; Zobaa, AF; Abdel Raouf, MH; Abd El-Rahman, AH; Abdel Aziz, MM
2006Voltage harmonic reduction for randomly time-varying source characteristics and voltage harmonicsZobaa, AF
2015Voltage Stability Analysis of Grid-Connected Wind Farms with FACTS: Static and Dynamic AnalysisHeetuna, KZ; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF
2014Vulnerability analysis of satellite-based synchronized smart grids monitoring systemsVaccaro, A; Zobaa, AF; Formato, G