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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20163D Depth Measurement for Holoscopic 3D Imaging SystemAlazawi, E; Swash, MR; Abbod, M
20203D Micro Hand Gesture Recognition using Deep Learning AlgorithmAlniam, N; Abbod, M; Swash, R
20143D-Interactive-depth generation and object segmentation from Holoscopic imageAlazawi, E; Cosmas, J; Swash, MR; Abbod, M; Fatah, OA
1-Sep-2021Abstract ESAO 2021: H46 - Wavelet Transform and Nonlinear SVM for Cardiac Arrhythmia ClassificationCretu, I; Tindale, A; Abbod, M; Meng, H; Balachandran, W; Mason, M; Khir, AW
19-Feb-2020An Accurate Ensemble Classifier for Medical Volume Analysis: Phantom and Clinical PET Study.Sharif, MS; Abbod, M; Al-Bayatti, AH; Amira, A; Alfakeeh, AS; Sanghera, B
2021AI based e-recruitment systemAljuaid, Abdulrahman
7-Dec-2022An Analytical Feasibility Study for Solar Panel Installation in Qatar Based on Generated to Consumed Electrical Energy IndicatorBanibaqash, A; Alhinti, Z; Abbod, M
2020Applying CLDNN to Time-Frequency Image of EEG Signals to Predict Depth of AnesthesiaChen, Y-L; Fan, S-Z; Abbod, M; Shieh, J-S
3-Jul-2019Applying Time-Frequency Image of Convolutional Neural Network to Extract Feature on Long-Term EEG Signals to Predict Depth of AnesthesiaHuang, Y; Chen, J; Abbod, M; Fan, S-Z; Shieh, J-S; Kung, Y-C
2014Arabic text root extraction via morphological analysis and linguistic constraintsAlsaad, A; Abbod, M
25-Oct-2017Arrhythmia Evaluation in Wearable ECG DevicesSadrawi, M; Lin, C-H; Lin, Y-T; Hsieh, Y; Kuo, C-C; Chien, J; Haraikawa, K; Abbod, M; Shieh, J-S
2021Artificial intelligence based system for human resources appraisalAlrashedi, Ahmed
18-Sep-2020Artificial Intelligence-Based E-Recruitments SystemAljuaid, A; Abbod, M
10-Nov-2023Assessing the Potential of Qatari House Roofs for Solar PanelBanibaqash, A; Hunaiti, Z; Abbod, M
20-Feb-2023Assessment of Voltage Fluctuations for Battery Storage Systems Providing Frequency Response Services †Sommerville, S; Taylor, G; Abbod, M
2021Audit opinion decision using artificial intelligence techniques: Empirical study of UK and IrelandNawaiseh, Aram
2017Big data analysis of emergency medical service applied to determine the survival rate effective factors and predict the ambulance time variablesShieh, JS; Yeh, YT; Sun, YZ; Ma, MH; Dia, CY; Sadrawi, M; Abbod, M
25-Aug-2020Brain MR imaging segmentation using convolutional auto encoder network for PET attenuation correctionMecheter, I; Amira, A; Abbod, M; Zaidi, H
2016Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Ppattern evaluation based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition filter via non-linear approachesSadrawi, M; Sun, W-Z; Ma, MH-M; Dia, C-Y; Abbod, M; Shieh, J-S
2015Cellular automata for population growth prediction: Tripoli-Libya caseZidan, Adel