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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Dec-2016Birth of the cool: a two-centuries decline in emotional expression in Anglophone fictionMorin, O; Acerbi, A
12-Feb-2019Cognitive attraction and online misinformationAcerbi, A
31-Oct-2016Conformity cannot be identified based on population-level signaturesAcerbi, A; Van Leeuwen, EJC; Haun, DBM; Tennie, C
25-Jan-2019Copy-the-majority of instances or individuals? Two approaches to the majority and their consequences for conformist decision-makingMorgan, TJH; Acerbi, A; van Leeuwen, EJC
30-Mar-2017Cultural complexity and demography: The case of folktalesAcerbi, A; Kendal, J; Tehrani, JJ
15-Dec-2016A cultural evolution approach to digital mediaAcerbi, A
7-Nov-2019Cultural evolution of emotional expression in 50 years of song lyricsBrand, CO; Acerbi, A; Mesoudi, A
13-Aug-2018Did Einstein Really Say that? Testing Content Versus Context in the Cultural Selection of QuotationsAcerbi, A; Tehrani, JJ
10-Sep-2014Dog movie stars and dog breed popularity: A case study in media influence on choiceGhirlanda, S; Acerbi, A; Herzog, H
30-Aug-2018Folk-economic beliefs as "evidential fiction": Putting the economic public discourse back on trackAcerbi, A; Sacco, PL
2020The impact of the “World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates” list on scientific publications and mediaAcerbi, A; Kerhoas, D; Webber, A; McCabe, G; Mittermeier, R; Schwitzer, C
31-Oct-2012Old and young individuals' role in cultural changeAcerbi, A; Ghirlanda, S; Enquist, M
2009Orienting learning by exploiting sociality: An evolutionary robotics simulationAcerbi, A; Marocco, D
21-Oct-2016A reappreciation of ‘conformity’van Leeuwen, EJC; Acerbi, A; Kendal, RL; Tennie, C; Haun, DBM
2014Regulatory traits: Cultural influences on cultural evolutionAcerbi, A; Ghirlanda, S; Enquist, M
18-Sep-2018Reply to ‘Sigmoidal Acquisition Curves are Good Indicators of Conformist Transmission’Acerbi, A; van Leeuwen, EJC; Haun, DBM; Tennie, C
23-Dec-2013Robustness of emotion extraction from 20<sup>th</sup> century English booksAcerbi, A; Lampos, V; Bentley, RA
2-Nov-2017Role of neutral evolution in word turnover during centuries of english word popularityRuck, D; Bentley, RA; Acerbi, A; Garnett, P; Hruschka, DJ
Feb-2016The role of redundant information in cultural transmission and cultural stabilizationAcerbi, A; Tennie, C
8-Mar-2016“The role of redundant information in cultural transmission and cultural stabilization”: Correction to Acerbi and Tennie (2016).Acerbi, A; Tennie, C