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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Evolutionary based optimisation of multivariable fuzzy control system of a binary distillation columnAl-Dunainawi, Y; Abbod, MF
2018Green Network Costs of 5G and Beyond, Expectations vs RealityAlhumaima, R; Al-Dunainawi, Y; Al-Raweshidy, H
Jan-2016A hybrid intelligent approach for optimising software-defined networks performanceSabeeh, A; Al-Dunainawi, Y; Abbod, MF; Al-Raweshidy, HS
2017A New Intelligent Approach for Optimising 6LoWPAN MAC Layer ParametersAl-Raweshidy, H; Al-Kaseem, BR; Al-Dunainawi, Y; Banitsas, K
2017A New MIMO ANFIS-PSO Based NARMA-L2 Controller for nonlinear dynamic systemsAl-Dunainawi, Y; Abbod, M
2016Performance prediction of software defined network using an artificial neural networkSabbeh, A; Al-Dunainawi, Y; Al-Raweshidy, HS; Abbod, MF
2015PSO-PD fuzzy control of distillation columnAl-Dunainawi, Y; Abbod, MF