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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Application of a plate sonotrode to ultrasonic degassing of aluminum melt: acoustic measurements and feasibility studyEskin, D; Al-Helal, K; Tzanakis, I
2017Design and Development of Continuous Melt-Conditioned Twin Roll Casting Process for Aluminium AlloysAl-Helal, K; Thomas, PM; Fan, Z
2020Direct Chill Casting and Extrusion of AA6111 Aluminium Alloy Formulated from Taint Tabor ScrapAl-Helal, K; Patel, J; Scamans, G; Fan, Z
2017Effect of Solidification Rate on Macro-segregation and Morphologies of Silicon phases in Solidification of Al-15Si AlloyAl-Helal, K; Stone, I; Fan, Z
31-Aug-2020Fe-Rich Intermetallic Formation and Mechanical Properties of Recycled AA6111 Alloy Strips Produced by Melt Conditioning Twin Roll CastingAl-Helal, K; Patel, JB; Fan, Z
2020Melt conditioned direct chill (MC - DC) casting and extrusion of AA5754 Aluminium alloy formulated from recycled Taint Tabor scrapAl-Helal, K; Patel, J; Scamans, G; Fan, Z
2-Nov-2018Melt Conditioning Twin Roll Casting with Thermo-Mechanical Treatment of Recycled AA6111 AlloyAl-Helal, K; Patel, J; Fan, Z
10-Sep-2017Refinement and Modification of Silicon Phases in Solidification of High Purity Hypereutectic Al-15si AlloyAl-Helal, K; fan, Z; stone, I
2016Refinement of primary Silicon crystals by novel Al-ZnS master alloy in solidification of Hypereutectic Al-Si AlloysAl-Helal, K; Stone, I; Fan, Z
Nov-2016Refinement of primary silicon crystals by novel P-doped γ-Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> particles in solidification of hypereutectic Al-Si alloysAl-Helal, K; Stone, I; Fan, ZY
2-Nov-2018Thermomechanical Treatment of High-Shear Melt-Conditioned Twin-Roll Cast Strip of Recycled AA5754 AlloyAl-Helal, K; Chang, I; Patel, JB; Fan, Z