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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Adaptive link-weight routing protocol using cross-layer communication for MANETAl-Khwildi, AN; Khan, S; Loo, KK; Al-Raweshidy, H
5-Jul-2022Aircraft Engines Remaining Useful Life Prediction Based on A Hybrid Model of Autoencoder and Deep Belief NetworkAL-Khazraji, H; Nasser, AR; Hasan, AM; Al Mhdawi, AK; Al-Raweshidy, H; Humaidi, AJ
2011All photonic analogue to digital and digital to analogue conversion techniques for digital radio over fibre system applicationsAbdollahi, SR; Al-Raweshidy, H; Mehdi Fakhraie, S; Nilavalan, R
2011Application priority framework for fixed mobile converged communication networksChaudhry, Saqib Rasool
2018Assurance, Provision, Management and Enhancement of QoS in 5G Communication NetworksAl-Shammari, Basim Khalaf Jarullah
2017Asymptotic performance of multiuser massive MIMO systemsHburi, Ismail Sh. Baqer
2012Automatic message annotation and semantic interface for context aware mobile computingAl-Sultany, Ghaidaa
2009Bandwidth enhancement for microstrip patch antenna using stacked patch and slotAbuTarboush, HF; Al-Raweshidy, H; Nilavalan, R
2009Bandwidth enhancement for patch antenna using PBG slot structure for 5, 6 and 9 GHz applicationsAbuTarboush, HF; Al-Raweshidy, H; Nilavalan, R
2009Bandwidth enhancement for small patch antenna using PBG structure for different wireless applicationsAbuTarboush, HF; Al-Raweshidy, H; Nilavalan, R
2018A Centralised Routing Protocol with a Scheduled Mobile Sink-Based AI for Large Scale I-IoTAl-Janabi, T; Al-Raweshidy, H
2012Channel assignment and routing in cooperative and competitive wireless mesh networksShah, Ibrar Ali
2008A classification of emerging and traditional grid systemsKurdi, H; Li, M; Al-Raweshidy, H
12-May-2021CloudSimHypervisor: Modelling and Simulating Network Slicing in Software-Defined Cloud NetworksNyanteh, AO; Li, M; Abbod, MF; Al-Raweshidy, H
2013Cognitive MAC protocols for mobile Ad-Hoc networksMasrub, Abdullah Ashur
2017Cognitive smart agents for optimising OpenFlow rules in software defined networksSabih, Ann Faik
2021Cognitive virtual ad hoc mobile cloud-based networking architectureAl Saeed, Laith Adeeb Taha
2009Compact planar inverted-F antenna for WiMAX applicationAbuTarboush, HF; Nilavalan, R; Budimir, D; Al-Raweshidy, H
2010A compact printed antenna for multiband wireless applicationsAbuTarboush, HF; Nilavalan, R; Nasr, KM; Al-Raweshidy, H; Budimir, D; Alexander, MJ
2008Compact wideband patch antenna for 5 and 6 GHz WLAN applicationsAbuTarboush, HF; Al-Raweshidy, H; Nilavalan, R