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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Advanced THz MIMO Sparse Imaging Scheme Using Multi-pass Synthetic Aperture Focusing and Low Rank Matrix Completion TechniquesHu, S; Shu, C; Alfadhl, Y; Chen, X
2-Jul-2020THz sparse periodic array imaging system using compressed sensingHu, S; Shu, C; Alfadhl, Y; Chen, X
28-Nov-2019W Band Imaging System Using Linear Sparse Periodic Antenna Array and Compressive Sensing for Personnel ScreeningHu, S; Shu, C; Alfadhl, Y; Chen, X
2019A Wideband Dual-Circular-Polarization Horn Antenna for mmWave Wireless CommunicationsShu, C; Wang, J; Hu, S; Yao, Y; Yu, J; Alfadhl, Y; Chen, X