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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Dec-2016Human C1q Induces Apoptosis in an Ovarian Cancer Cell Line via Tumor Necrosis FactorKaur, A; Sultan, SHA; Murugaiah, V; Pathan, AA; Alhamlan, F; Karteris, E; Kishore, U
9-Jul-2019Surfactant Protein D as a Potential Biomarker and Therapeutic Target in Ovarian CancerKarteris, E; Kumar, J; Murugaiah, V; Sotiriadis, G; Kaur, A; Jeyaneethi, J; Sturniolo, I; Alhamlan, F; Chatterjee, J; Hall, M; Kishore, U
2021Syncytiotrophoblast Extracellular Vesicles from Late-Onset Preeclampsia Placentae suppress Pro-Inflammatory immune response in THP-1 MacrophagesAwoyemi, T; Motta-Mejia, C; Zhang, W; Kauser, L; White, K; Kandzija, N; Alhamlan, F; Cribbs, A; Tannetta, D; Mazey, E; Redman, C; Kishore, U; Vatish, M