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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Adoption of CRM: cross-cultural impact, a literature reviewAli, M; Alshawi, S
2005The adoption of e-government in the Kingdom of BahrainEbrahim, Zakareya Ahmed
2012Analytical study of sovereign wealth fund's strategies and policies: A case study of Oman sovereign wealth fundAl-Saidi, Majid
2011A clinical patient vital signs parameter measurement, processing and predictive algorithm using ECGHolzhausen, Rudolf
2008A conceptual model for global multi-channel customer managementAli, M; Brooks, L; Alshawi, S
2007The critical factors of e-government adoption: An empirical study in the Saudi Arabia public sectorsAltameem, Torki Abdulaziz
2004A cultural approach to study customer relationship management (CRM) systemsAli, M; Alshawi, S
2006Cultural dimensions and CRM systems implementation: a preliminary frameworkAli, M; Brooks, L; Alshawi, S; Papazafeiropoulou, A
2006Cultural Dimensions And CRM Systems: A Cross-Cultural Case Study’Ali, M; Brooks, L; Alshawi, S
2008Cultural dimensions and CRM systems: a structurational analysisAli, M; Brooks, L; Alshawi, S
2005Cultural universality versus particularity within e-CRM systems: a special case of information systemsAli, M; Alshawi, S
2008Culture and IS: A criticism of predefined cultural archetypes studiesAli, M; Brooks, L; Alshawi, S
2004Developing a Structurational Approach to Electronic Customer Relationship Management (ECRM)Ali, M; Alshawi, S
2010The effect of education and training on competencyAlainati, S; Alshawi, S; Al-Karaghouli, W
2016The effect of organisational culture and leadership on CRM implementation in Saudi Arabian organisationsBasahel, Sarah
2011Exploring strategic leadership challenges in achieving an ICT enabled transformational governmentElnaghi, Marwan
2014Exploring the role of supplier relationship management for sustainable operations: an OR perspectiveSharif, A; Alshawi, S; Kamal, MM; Eldabi, T; Mazhar, A
2015Identifying knowledge management processes and its effect on organisational performance in the airline industry contextTubigi, Mohammed Ali
2018The influence of entrepreneurial leadership on factors affecting SME growth in supply chains: The case of OmanAl-Matani, Khalid
2005Information systems failure: A business-led knowledge requirements framework for modelling business requirementsAl-Karaghouli, Wafi Yousif Ramadaan