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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Oct-2019An AI Driven Real-time 3-D Representation of an Off-shore WT for Fault Diagnosis and MonitoringAmini, A; Kanfound, J; Gan, T-H
25-Mar-2022An Artificial Intelligence Neural Network Predictive Model for Anomaly Detection and Monitoring of Wind Turbines Using SCADA DataAmini, A; Kanfoud, J; Gan, TH
13-Sep-2021An Artificial-Intelligence-Driven Predictive Model for Surface Defect Detections in Medical MEMSAmini, A; Kanfoud, J; Tat-Hean, G
2016A comparison between heuristic and machine learning techniques in fall detection using Kinect v2Amini, A; Banitsas, K; Cosmas, J
2019An improved technique for increasing the accuracy of joint-to-ground distance tracking in Kinect v2 for foot-off and foot contact detectionAmini, A; Banitsas, K
3-Feb-2021Industry 4.0: Why Machine Learning Matters?Gan, TH; Kanfoud, J; Nedunuri, H; Amini, A; Feng, G
2016An Investigation into the Use of the Heat Pipe Technology in Thermal Energy Storage Heat ExchangersJouhara, H; Amini, A; Miller, J
2008A late Pleistocene long pollen record from Lake Urmia, NW IranDjamali, M; Beaulieu, JLD; Shah-hosseini, M; Andrieu-Ponel, V; Ponel, P; Amini, A; Akhani, H; Leroy, SAG; Stevens, L; Lahijani, H; Brewer, S
2017A New Technique for Foot-Off and Foot Contact Detection in a Gait Cycle Based on the Knee Joint Angle Using Microsoft Kinect v2Amini, A; Banitsas, K; Hosseinzadeh, S
2014A prototype system using Microsoft Kinect to recognize freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease patientsBanitsas, K; Amini, A
2019Using Kinect v2 to Control a Laser Visual Cue System to Improve the Mobility during Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s DiseaseAmini, A; Banitsas, K