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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Additive manufacture of passive acoustic filters: a feasibility studyJiang, P; Atherton, M
2018Alternative plate deformation phenomenon for squeeze film levitationAlmurshedi, Ahmed
2020Design Embodiments Using Squeeze-Film Phenomenon To Attain Complete Separation Of Contacting SurfacesMares, C; Atherton, M; Stolarski, T; Miyatake, M
2018Design for Invention: A framework for identifying emerging design-prior art conflictJiang, P; Atherton, M; Sorce, S; Harrison, D; Malizia, A
2017Design for invention: annotation of Functional Geometry Interaction for representing novel working principlesAtherton, M; Jiang, P; Harrison, D; Malizia, A
2019Economic and Technical Feasibility of a Robotic Autonomous System for Train Fluid ServicingAtherton, M; Hill, S; Harrison, D; Ajovalsit, M
Jul-2019Evaluation of a Visual Tool for Early Patent Infringement Detection During DesignSorce, S; Malizia, A; Gentile, V; Jiang, P; Atherton, M; Harrison, D
2017Framework of mechanical design knowledge representations for avoiding patent infringementJiang, P; Atherton, M; Harrison, D; Malizia, A
2016A front-end lumped-parameter approach to planning physical Robust Engineering Design experiments on manufactured dynamic devicesAtherton, M
2016A front-end lumped-parameter approach to planning physical Robust Engineering Design experiments on manufactured dynamic devicesAtherton, M
2014Identifying patent conflicts: TRIZ-Led patent mappingLi, Z; Atherton, M; Harrison, D
28-Aug-2014Identifying patent conflicts: TRIZ-Led Patent MappingLi, Z; Atherton, M; Harrison, D
2019Influence of design embodiment on the performance of squeeze-film levitation contactsAlmurshedi, A; Atherton, M; Mares, C; Stolarski, T; Miyatake, M
2018Investigation into squeeze-film induced levitation of light objectsAlmurshedi, A; Atherton, M; Stolarski, T; Mares, C
2017Method validation of an ultrasound (US) approach to assess velocity profile as a marker of atherosclerotic burdenCavazzuti, M; Ramachandran, S; Koenig, C; Atherton, M; Halliday, I; Schenkel, T; Shipman, K; Strange, R
2019Modelling Influence of Poisson's Contraction on Squeeze Film Levitation of Planar ObjectsAlmurshedi, A; Atherton, M; Mares, C; Stolarski, T
2011Multi-scale interaction of particulate flow and the artery wallHalliday, I; Atherton, M; Care, CM; Collins, MW; Evans, D; Evans, PC; Hose, DR; Khir, AW; König, CS; Krams, R; Lawford, PV; Lishchuk, SV; Pontrelli, G; Ridger, V; Spencer, TJ; Ventikos, Y; Walker, DC; Watton, PN
2015The need for a marker predicting benefit following cardiovascular disease risk reduction treatmentKonig, CS; Atherton, M; Rogers, N; Gomm, C; Bailey, C; Strange, RC; Shipman, K; Haliday, I; Levya, F; Ramachandran, S
2000A new approach to planning in vitro and in vivo experiments for cardiovascular stents – II. Planning of experiment (abstract)Atherton, M; Doorly, DJ; Collins, MW