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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Modelling socio-economic and energy data to generate business-as-usual scenarios for carbon emissionsAxon, C; Roberts, SH; Foran, BD; Goddard, NH; Warr, BS
31-Aug-2020Re: Two metres or one: what is the evidence for physical distancing in covid-19?Axon, C; Dingwall, R
2-Jan-2014Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK: Literature ReviewXenias, D; Axon, C; Balta-Ozkan, N; Cipcigan, L; Connor, P; Davidson, R; Spence, A; Taylor, G; Whitmarsh, L
25-Feb-2014Scenarios for the Development Smart Grids in the UK — Synthesis ReportBalta-Ozkan, N; Watson, T; Connor, PM; Axon, C; Whitmarsh, L; Davidson, R; Spence, A; Baker, P; Xenias, D
2018Sources of Risk and Uncertainty in UK Smart Grid Deployment: An Expert Stakeholder AnalysisConnor, PM; Axon, C; Xenias, D; Balta-Ozkan, N