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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Sep-2020COVID19 Led Virtualization: Green Data Centre for Information Systems ResearchLee, H; Choi, Y; Nguyen, TV; Hai, Y; Kim, J; Bahja, M; Hocaoglu, H
17-Feb-2021Operational management of data centers energy efficiency by dynamic optimization - Based on a vector autoregressive model - Reinforcement learning (VAR-RL) approachHai, Y; Nguyen, TV; Choi, Y; Bahja, M; Lee, H
31-Jul-2019Optimising e-Government Data Centre Operations to Minimise Energy Consumption: A Simulation-Based Analytical ApproachSuh, C; Bahja, M; Choi, Y; Nguyen, T; Lee, H
3-May-2018Simulation based optimization of energy efficiency in data centre operationsLee, H; Choi, Y; Bahja, M; Suh, C