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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Evaluation of the London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy in a United States population of womenMorof, D; Steinauer, J; Haider, S; Liu, S; Darney, P; Barrett, G
2016Evaluation of the psychometric properties of the London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy in Brazilian PortugueseBorges, ALV; Barrett, G; dos Santos, OA; de Castro Nascimento, N; Cavalhieri, FB; Fujimori, E
2006From wearable computers to surgical training: The human factors integration defence technology centreBarrett, G; Baber, C; Stanton, N A; MacLeod, I; Newman, P; Stone, R
2014How do women prepare for pregnancy? Preconception experiences of women attending antenatal services and views of health professionalsStephenson, J; Patel, D; Barrett, G; Howden, B; Copas, A; Ojukwu, O; Pandya, P; Shawe, J
2010"I feel like half my body is clogged up": Lay models of stroke in Central Aceh, IndonesiaNorris, M; Allotey, P; Barrett, G
2012'It burdens me': The impact of stroke in central Aceh, IndonesiaNorris, M; Allotey, P; Barrett, G
2010Measuring pregnancy planning: An assessment of the London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy among urban, south Indian womenRocca, CH; Krishnan, S; Barrett, G; Wilson, M
2006National survey of British public's views on use of identifiable medical data by the National Cancer RegistryBarrett, G; Cassell, JA; Peacock, JL; Coleman, MP
2011Nonbiomedical stroke practitioners in AcehAllotey, P; Barrett, G
2013A social marketing perspective of young people’s sexual healthWakhisi, Anthony Simiyu
2013Understanding pregnancy planning in a low-income country setting: validation of the London measure of unplanned pregnancy in MalawiHall, J; Barrett, G; Mbwana, N; Copas, A; Malata, A; Stephenson, J
2014Using intermittent self-catheters: Experiences of people with neurological damage to their spinal cordKelly, L; Spencer, S; Barrett, G
2015Why do women invest in pre-pregnancy health and care? A qualitative investigation with women attending maternity servicesBarrett, G; Shawe, J; Howden, B; Patel, D; Ojukwu, O; Pandya, P; Stephenson, J