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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Bond graph analysis in robust engineering designAtherton, MA; Bates, RA
2008Bond graph based sensitivity and uncertainty analysis modelling for micro-scale multiphysics robust engineering designPerry, M; Atherton, MA; Bates, RA; Wynn, HP
2014Dimensional analysis using toric ideals: Primitive invariantsAtherton, MA; Bates, RA; Wynn, HP
2005Experimental and bond graph based sensitivity calculations for micro-scale robust engineering designShen, Y; Perry, MA; Kaymak, E; Atherton, MA; Bates, RA; Wynn, HP
2008A finite element based formulation for sensitivity studies of piezoelectric systemsPerry, M; Bates, RA; Wynn, HP; Atherton, MA
2010Modal validation of a cantilever-plate bimorph actuator illustrating sensitivity to 3D characterisationOldfield, MJ; Atherton, MA; Bates, RA; Perry, MA; Wynn, HP
2004Robust optimization of cardiovascular stents: A comparison of methodsAtherton, MA; Bates, RA
2006Searching for improvementAtherton, MA; Bates, RA
2007Sensitivity analysis modelling for microscale multiphysics robust engineering designAtherton, MA; Bates, RA; Perry, M; Oldfield, M; Wynn, H