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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The brain's response to pleasant touch: an EEG investigation of tactile caressingSingh, H; Bauer, M; Chowanski, W; Sui, Y; Atkinson, D; Baurley, S; Fry, M; Evans, J; Bianchi-Berthouze, N
2015A Consumer-Centric Open Innovation Framework for Food and Packaging ManufacturingTsimiklis, P; Ceschin, F; Green, S; Qin, SF; Song, J; Baurley, S; Rodden, T; Makatsoris, C
2014Living with the user: Design drama for dementia care through responsive scripted experiences in the homeCoughlan, T; Brown, M; Lawson, G; McAuley, D; Baurley, S; Tsai, A; Koppe, T; Elliott, M; Green, S; Martin, J
2014Using cultural probes to inform the design of assistive technologiesBrown, M; Tsai, A; Baurley, S; Koppe, T; Lawson, G; Martin, J; Coughlan, T; Elliott, M; Green, S; Arunachalam, U