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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017New approach to weight-of-evidence assessment of ecotoxicological effects in regulatory decision-makingBelanger, SE; Guiney, PD; Galay-Burgos, M; Maack, G; Stubblefield, W; Martin, O
2014OECD validation study to assess intra- and inter-laboratory reproducibility of the zebrafish embryo toxicity test for acute aquatic toxicity testingBusquet, F; Strecker, R; Rawlings, JM; Belanger, SE; Braunbeck, T; Carr, GJ; Cenijn, P; Fochtman, P; Gourmelon, A; Hübler, N; Kleensang, A; Knöbel, M; Kussatz, C; Legler, J; Lillicrap, A; Martínez-Jerónimo, F; Polleichtner, C; Rzodeczko, H; Salinas, E; Schneider, KE; Scholz, S; van den Brandhof, E-J; van der Ven, LTM; Walter-Rohde, S; Weigt, S; Witters, H; Halder, M