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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An efficient coupled-mode/FEM numerical method for linear wave propagation over 3D variable bathymetry domainsPapathanasiou, TK; Karperaki, AE; Belibassakis, KA
2017A higher order FEM for time-domain hydroelastic analysis of large floating bodies in an inhomogeneous shallow water environmentPapathanasiou, TK; Karperaki, A; Theotokoglou, EE; Belibassakis, KA
28-Oct-2019A nonconforming hydroelastic triangle for ice shelf modal analysisPapathanasiou, TK; Belibassakis, KA
28-Oct-2018On the resonant hydroelastic behaviour of ice shelvesPapathanasiou, TK; Karperaki, AE; Belibassakis, KA
2-Apr-2019An optimized, parameter-free PML-FEM for wave scattering problems in the ocean and coastal environmentKarperaki, AE; Papathanasiou, TK; Belibassakis, KA
29-Aug-2018Resonances of enclosed shallow water basins with slender floating elastic bodiesPapathanasiou, TK; Belibassakis, KA
2016Time-domain, shallow-water hydroelastic analysis of VLFS elastically connected to the seabedKarperaki, AE; Belibassakis, KA; Papathanasiou, TK