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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jan-2024Accelerated immune ageing is associated with COVID-19 disease severityLord, JM; Veenith, T; Sullivan, J; Sharma-Oates, A; Richter, AG; Greening, NJ; McAuley, HJC; Evans, RA; Moss, P; Moore, SC; Turtle, L; Gautam, N; Gilani, A; Bajaj, M; Wain, LV; Brightling, C; Raman, B; Marks, M; Singapuri, A; Elneima, O; Openshaw, PJM; Duggal, NA; Abel, K; Adamali, H; Adeloye, D; Adeyemi, O; Adrego, R; AguilarJimenez, LA; Ahmad, S; Ahmad Haider, N; Ahmed, R; Ahwireng, N; Ainsworth, M; Al-Sheklly, B; Alamoudi, A; Ali, M; Aljaroof, M; All, AM; Allan, L; Allen, RJ; Allerton, L; Allsop, L; Almeida, P; Altmann, D; Alvarez Corral, M; Amoils, S; Anderson, D; Antoniades, C; Arbane, G; Arias, A; Armour, C; Armstrong, L; Armstrong, N; Arnold, D; Arnold, H; Ashish, A; Ashworth, A; Ashworth, M; Aslani, S; Assefa-Kebede, H; Atkin, C; Atkin, P; Aul, R; Aung, H; Austin, L; Avram, C; Ayoub, A; Babores, M; Baggott, R; Bagshaw, J; Baguley, D; Bailey, L; Baillie, JK; Bain, S; Bakali, M; Bakau, M; Baldry, E; Baldwin, D; Baldwin, M; Ballard, C; Banerjee, A; Bang, B; Barker, RE; Barman, L; Barratt, S; Barrett, F; Basire, D; Basu, N; Bates, M; Bates, A; Batterham, R; Baxendale, H; Bayes, H; Beadsworth, M; Beckett, P; Beggs, M; Begum, M; Beirne, P; Bell, D; Bell, R
2011Adaptive special educational needs (SEN) education on the semantic webDawod, Z; Bell, D
2012Agent based modelling and simulation: An examination of customer retention in the UK mobile marketHassouna, Mohammed Bassam
16-Sep-2019Beautyscapes: Mapping Cosmetic Surgery TourismHolliday, R; Jones, M; Bell, D
26-Jun-2014Brief encounters: Assembling cosmetic surgery tourismJones, M; Holliday, R; Bell, D; Cheung, O; Probyn, E
2007Business Grid ServicesBell, D; Lycett, M; de Cesare, S
2013Citizen relationship management implementation in Malaysian local governmentsBahari, Mahadi
2017Co-design for Government Service StakeholdersBell, D; Nusir, M
2-Mar-2021COPD discharge bundle and pulmonary rehabilitation referral and uptake following hospitalisation for acute exacerbation of COPDBarker, RE; Kon, SSC; Clarke, SF; Wenneberg, J; Nolan, CM; Patel, S; Walsh, JA; Polgar, O; Maddocks, M; Farquhar, M; Hopkinson, NS; Bell, D; Wedzicha, JA; Man, WDC
2022Data trading based on seller preferences within blockchain smart contractBilal, Naeem
2016A data-driven agent based simulation platform for early health economics device evaluationBell, D; Kashefi, A; Saleh, N; Turchi, T
2017Data-driven agent-based exploration of customer behaviorBell, D; Mgbemena, C
2016A data-driven framework for investigating customer retentionMgbemena, Chidozie Simon
2016A Data-driven Methodology for Agent Based Exploration of Customer RetentionMgbemena, C; Bell, D; Saleh, N
2016Designing Effective Teaching Interventions with Semantic AnnotationDawod, Z; Bell, D
2014A distributed simulation methodology for large-scale hybrid modelling and simulation of emergency medical servicesAnagnostou, Anastasia
2017Enhancing student learning journeys with semantically annotated contentDawod, Zainb
2018Enhancing the human sensemaking process with the use of social network analysis and machine learning techniquesMarshan, Alaa
2007Enterprise application reuse: Semantic discovery of business grid servicesBell, D; Ludwig, S; Lycett, M
2018Examining the role of mindfulness in mitigating technostress and its negative consequencesIoannou, Athina