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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An assessment of opportunities and challenges for public sector involvement in the maternal health voucher program in UgandaKanya, L; Okal, J; Obare, F; Njuki, R; Abuya, T; Bange, T; Warren, C; Askew, I; Bellows, B
2015Can Reproductive Health Voucher Programs Improve Quality of Postnatal Care? A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of Kenya’s Safe Motherhood Voucher SchemeWatt, C; Abuya, T; Warren, CE; Obare, F; Kanya, L; Bellows, B
2013Community experiences and perceptions of reproductive health vouchers in KenyaKanya, L; Njuki, R; Obare, F; Warren, C; Abuya, T; Okal, J; Mukuna, W; Askew, I; Bracke, P; Bellows, B
2015Community-level effect of the reproductive health vouchers program on out-of-pocket spending on family planning and safe motherhood services in KenyaObare, F; Warren, C; Kanya, L; Abuya, T; Bellows, B
2015A cross sectional comparison of postnatal care quality in facilities participating in a maternal health voucher program versus non-voucher facilities in Kenya.Warren, CE; Abuya, T; Kanya, L; Obare, F; Njuki, R; Temmerman, M; Bellows, B
2015Does a voucher program improve reproductive health service delivery and access in Kenya?Njuki, R; Abuya, T; Kimani, J; Kanya, L; Korongo, A; Mukunya, C; Bracke, P; Bellows, B; Warren, CE
2015The effect of a multi-component intervention on disrespect and abuse during childbirth in KenyaAbuya, T; Ndwiga, C; Ritter, J; Kanya, L; Bellows, B; Binkin, N; Warren, CE
2015Estimating willingness to pay for maternal health services: The Kenya reproductive health voucher programmeKanya, L; Obare, F; Bellows, B; Mdawida, B; Warren, C; Askew, I
2012Exploring the effectiveness of the output-based aid voucher program to increase uptake of gender-based violence recovery services in Kenya: a qualitative evaluationKanya, L; Njuki, R; Okal, J; Warren, CE; Obare, F; Abuya, T; Undie, C; Bellows, B; Askew, I
2012A policy analysis of the implementation of a reproductive health vouchers program in KenyaKanya, L; Abuya, T; Njuki, R; Warren, CE; Okal, J; Obare, F; Askew, I; Bellows, B
2014Safe motherhood voucher coverage of health facility deliveries among poor women in South-western UgandaKanya, L; Obare, F; Warren, C; Abuya, T; Askew, I; Bellows, B