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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Building and managing facilities for public servicesBennett, J; Iossa, E
2004Contracting Out Public Service Provision to Non-for-profit FirmsBennett, J; Iossa, E
2005Contracting Out Public Service Provision to Not-for-Profit FirmsBennett, J; Iossa, E
2010Contracting out public service provision to not-for-profit firmsBennett, J; Iossa, E
2006Corruption and bureaucratic structure in a developing economyBennett, J; Estrin, S
2005Delegation of Contracting in the Private Provision of Public ServicesBennett, J; Iossa, E
2015Differences of kind and degree: Articulations of independence in American cinemaKing, GR
2011The emergence of China’s mixed ownership enterprises and their corporate governanceZhang, Wenkui
2011Informal production and labour market segmentationBennett, J
2019The interrelationship between dividend payout, corporate governance and ownership structure: the case of GCCShira, Ruba Khalid A
2003The InveCommercial Activity as Insurance: The Investment Behaviour of Non-Profit FirmsBennett, J; Iossa, E; Legrenzi, G
2012Mixed oligopoly, public firm behavior, and free private entryBennett, J; La Manna, M
2003Privatisation Methods and Economic Growth in Transition EconomiesBennett, J; Estrin, S; Maw, J; Estrin, G
2018Pro-Consumer Price Ceilings under Regulatory UncertaintyBennett, J; Chioveanu, I
2002Public Infrastructure, Congestion, and Fiscal PolicyBennett, J; Lawlor, P
2006Regulatory barriers and entry in developing economiesBennett, J; Estrin, S
2000Reversing the Keynesian asymmetryBennett, J; La Manna, MMA
2012Risk attitudes and informal employment in a developing economyBennett, J; Gould, M; Rablen, MD
2014Self employment, wage employment and informality in a developing economyRablen, MD; Bennett, J
2015Self-employment, wage employment and informality in a developing economyBennett, J; Rablen, M