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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Age differences in conscious versus subconscious social perception: The influence of face age and valence on gaze followingBailey, PE; Slessor, G; Rendell, PG; Bennetts, RJ; Campbell, A; Ruffman, T
2018Applied Screening Tests for the Detection of Superior Face RecognitionBate, S; Frowd, C; Bennetts, RJ; Hasshim, N; Murray, E; Bobak, A; Wills, H; Richards, S
24-Jul-2019The domain-specificity of face matching impairments in 40 cases of developmental prosopagnosiaBate, S; Bennetts, RJ; Tree, JJ; Adams, A; Murray, E
Feb-2017Eye-movement strategies in developmental prosopagnosia and “super” face recognitionBobak, AK; Parris, BA; Gregory, NJ; Bennetts, RJ; Bate, S
2019Guess who? Facial identity discrimination training improves face memory in typically developing children.Bate, S; Adams, A; Bennetts, RJ
2018Identifying Hallmark Symptoms of Developmental Prosopagnosia for Non-ExpertsMurray, E; Hills, PJ; Bennetts, RJ; Bate, S
May-2016An in-depth cognitive examination of individuals with superior face recognition skillsBobak, AK; Bennetts, RJ; Parris, BA; Jansari, A; Bate, S
2017Intact word processing in developmental prosopagnosiaBurns, EJ; Bennetts, RJ; Bate, S; Wright, VC; Weidemann, CT; Tree, JJ
2013The movement advantage in famous and unfamiliar faces: A comparison of point-light displays and shape-normalised avatar stimuliBennetts, RJ; Kim, J; Burke, D; Brooks, KR; Lucey, S; Saragih, J; Robbins, RA
2015Movement cues aid face recognition in developmental prosopagnosiaBennetts, RJ; Butcher, N; Lander, K; Udale, R; Bate, S
Feb-2017Prevalence of face recognition deficits in middle childhoodBennetts, RJ; Murray, E; Boyce, T; Bate, S
2017Super-recognition in development: A case study of an adolescent with extraordinary face recognition skillsBennetts, RJ; Mole, J; Bate, S
-The rehabilitation of face recognition impairments: A critical review and future directionsBate, S; Bennetts, RJ