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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A proposed framework for the systematic review and integrated assessment (SYRINA) of endocrine disrupting chemicalsVandenberg, LN; Ågerstrand, M; Beronius, A; Beausoleil, C; Bergman, Å; Bero, LA; Bornehag, C-G; Boyer, CS; Cooper, GS; Cotgreave, I; Gee, D; Grandjean, P; Guyton, KZ; Hass, U; Heindel, JJ; Jobling, S; Kidd, KA; Kortenkamp, A; Macleod, MR; Martin, OV; Norinder, U; Scheringer, M; Thayer, KA; Toppari, J; Whaley, P; Woodruff, TJ; Rudén, C
9-Jul-2020Recommendations for the conduct of systematic reviews in toxicology and environmental health research (COSTER)Whaley, P; Aiassa, E; Beausoleil, C; Beronius, A; Bilotta, G; Boobis, A; de Vries, R; Hanberg, A; Hoffmann, S; Hunt, N; Kwiatkowski, CF; Lam, J; Lipworth, S; Martin, O; Randall, N; Rhomberg, L; Rooney, AA; Schünemann, HJ; Wikoff, D; Wolffe, T; Halsall, C