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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Antecedents for Enhanced Level of Cyber-Security in OrganizationsKumar, S; Biswas, B; Bhatia, M; Dora, M
2020Membrane interactome of a recombinant fragment of human Surfactant Protein D reveals GRP78 as a novel binding partner in PC3, a metastatic prostate cancer cell lineThakur, G; Sathe, G; Kundu, I; Biswas, B; Gautam, P; Alkahtani, S; Idicula-Thomas, S; Sirdeshmukh, R; Kishore, U; Madan, T
30-Mar-2021A recombinant fragment of Human surfactant protein D binds Spike protein and inhibits infectivity and replication of SARS-CoV-2 in clinical samplesMadan, T; Biswas, B; Varghese, PM; Subedi, R; Pandit, H; Idicula-Thomas, S; Kundu, I; Rooge, S; Agarwal, R; Tripathi, DM; Kaur, S; Gupta, E; Gupta, SK; Kishore, U