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20-Nov-2017Complement Protein C1q binds to Hyaluronic Acid in the Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Microenvironment and Promotes Tumour GrowthVidergar, R; Belmonte, B; Mangogna, A; Amadio, L; Geri, P; Borelli, V; Zanconati, F; Tedesco, F; Confalonieri, M; Tripodo, C; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
17-Nov-2021COVID-19, Pre-Eclampsia, and Complement SystemAgostinis, C; Mangogna, A; Balduit, A; Aghamajidi, A; Ricci, G; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
28-Jul-2022Human Surfactant Protein D Facilitates SARS-CoV-2 Pseudotype Binding and Entry in DC-SIGN Expressing Cells, and Downregulates Spike protein Induced InflammationBeirag, N; Kumar, C; Madan, T; Shamji, MH; Bulla, R; Mitchell, D; Murugaiah, V; Maayora Neto, M; Temperton, N; Idicula-Thomas, S; Varghese, PM; Kishore, U
8-Jul-2020Hyaluronic Acid Present in the Tumor Microenvironment Can Negate the Pro-apototic Effect of a Recombinant Fragment of Human Surfactant Protein D on Breast Cancer CellsMurugaiah, V; Agostinis, C; Varghese, PM; Belmonte, B; Vieni, S; Alaql, F; Alrokayan, S; Khan, H; Kaur, A; Roberts, T; Madan, T; Bulla, R; Kishore, U
11-Jan-2021Immunological basis of the Endometriosis: The Complement System as a Potential Therapeutic TargetAgostinis, C; Balduit, A; Mangogna, A; Zito, G; Romano, F; Ricci, G; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
13-Aug-2021The Inflammatory Feed-Forward Loop Triggered by the Complement Component C3 as a Potential Target in EndometriosisAgostinis, C; Zorzet, S; Balduit, A; Zito, G; Mangogna, A; Macor, P; Romano, F; Toffoli, M; Belmonte, B; Morello, G; Martorana, A; Borelli, V; Ricci, G; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
2019Is the complement protein C1q a pro- or anti-tumorigenic factor? Bioinformatics analysis involving human carcinomasMangogna, A; Agostinis, C; Bonazza, D; Belmonte, B; Zacchi, P; Zito, G; Romano, A; Zanconati, F; Ricci, G; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
31-Aug-2022A non-redundant role of complement protein C1q in normal and adverse pregnancyAgostinis, C; Mangogna, A; Balduit, A; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
2020Odyssey of Surfactant Proteins, SP-A and SP-D: Innate Immune Surveillance MoleculesKishore, U; Bulla, R; Madan, T
2018Pathological significance and prognostic value of Surfactant Protein D in cancerMangogna, A; Belmonte, B; Agostinis, C; Giuseppe, R; Gulino, A; Ferrara, I; Zanconati, F; Tripodo, C; Romano, F; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
2019Prognostic implications of the complement protein C1q in gliomasMangogna, A; Belmonte, B; Agostinis, C; Zacchi, P; Iacopino, DG; Martorana, A; Rodolico, V; Bonazza, D; Zanconati, F; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
19-Jan-2020Prognostic Value of Complement Properdin in CancerMangogna, A; Varghese, PM; Agostinis, C; Alrokayan, SH; Khan, HA; Stover, CM; Belmonte, B; Martorana, A; Ricci, G; Bulla, R; Kishore, U
31-Mar-2019Transcriptomics and immunological analyses reveal a pro-angiogenic and anti-inflammatory phenotype for decidual endothelial cellsAgostinis, C; Masat, E; Bossi, F; Ricci, G; Menegazzi, R; Lombardelli, L; Zito, G; Mangogna, A; Degan, M; Gattei, V; Piccinni, M-P; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
17-Oct-2019Uterine immunity and microbiota: A shifting paradigmAgostinis, C; Mangogna, A; Bossi, F; Ricci, G; Kishore, U; Bulla, R