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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-May-2020The role of informational mechanisms in the adoption of Green IS to achieve eco-sustainability in municipalitiesButler, T; Hackney, R
2015Socio-technical transitions towards environmental sustainability through green ICTHackney, RA; Butler, T; Daly, M
Feb-2017The sustainability imperative in information systems researchSeidel, S; Bharati, P; Watson, RT; Boudreau, MCM; Kruse, LC; Karsten, H; Melville, N; Toland, J; Fridgen, G; Albizri, A; Butler, T; Guzman, I; Lee, H; Rush, D; Watts, S
2015Understanding digital eco-innovation in municipalities: An institutional perspectiveButler, T; Hackney, RA
2017Understanding digital eco-innovation in municipalities: An institutional perspectiveHackney, RA; Butler, T