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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Oct-2021Apocalypse Now, Apocalypse When? Economic Growth and Structural Breaks in Argentina (1886-2003)Karanasos, M; Campos, N; Koutroumpis, P; Karoglou, M; Zopounidis, C; Christopoulos, A
2017Brexit and the Future of the EurozoneMacchiarelli, C; Campos, N
2016Core and Periphery in the European Monetary Union: Bayoumi and Eichengreen 25 Years LaterMacchiarelli, C; Campos, N
2017European Monetary Integration and the EU–UK RelationshipMacchiarelli, C
2014Financial development, political instability and growth: evidence for Brazil since 1870Zhang, Jihui
14-Sep-2022Financial Development, Political Instability, Trade Openness and Growth in Brazil: Evidence from a New Dataset, 1890‑2003Campos, N; Glebkina, E; Karanasos, M; Koutroumpis, P
2014Non oil exports finance and economic development in Saudi ArabiaAlsakran, Abdullah
1-Jun-2020Political instability, institutional change and economic growth in Brazil since 1870Campos, N; Karanasos, M; Koutroumpis, P; Zhang, Z
2016Research on futures-commodities, macroeconomic volatility and financial developmentKoutroumpis, Panagiotis
2018Symmetry and Convergence in Monetary UnionsMacchiarelli, C; Campos, N
31-Mar-2020Transitions in the EU labour market before and after the crisis: The role of reformsMacchiarelli, C; Monastiriotis, V; Lampropoulou, N
19-Jan-2020The United Kingdom and the Stability of the Euro Area: From Maastricht to BrexitCampos, N; Macchiarelli, C