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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-2024Corporate credit default swap systematic factorsChan, KK; Lin, M-T; Lu, Q
7-Mar-2019The global legal entity identifier system: How can it deliver?Chan, KK; Milne, A
7-Dec-2021Macroprudential policy, bank competition and bank risk in East AsiaChan, KK; Davis, EP; Karim, D
26-Dec-2023Macroprudential Policy, Bank Competition And Bank Risk In East AsiaChan, KK; Davis, EP; Karim, D
7-Mar-2023Price Convergence between Credit Default Swap and Put Option: New EvidenceChan, KK; Kolokolova, O; Lin, M-T; Poon, S-H
28-Sep-2016Wealth and risk implications of the Dodd-Frank Act on the U.S. financial intermediariesAndriosopoulos, K; Chan, KK; Dontis-Charitos, P; Staikouras, SK