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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Academic lives in a period of transition in higher education: Bildung in educational auto/biographySelway, Irene; Byrne, Jenny
2008Black and minority ethnic trainees’ experiences of physical education initial teacher trainingFlintoff, A; Chappell, A; Gower, C; Keyworth, S; Lawrence, J; Money, J; Squires, S; Webb, L
2020The Case for Auto/BiographyChappell, Anne; Parsons, Julie
22-Oct-2020The Experiences of Undergraduate Commuter StudentsChappell, A; Wainwright, E; McHugh, E; Gilhooly, K
2014Explorations in knowing: thinking psychosocially about legitimacyChappell, A; Ernest, P; Ludhra, G; Mendick, H
2019Feminist education for university staff responding to disclosures of sexual violence: a critique of the dominant model of staff developmentChappell, A; Jones, C; Alldred, P
17-Feb-2020Geography matters: Spatiality, geography and auto/biographyBarker, J; Wainwright, E
2016How are young children developing number sense, post national numeracy strategyTurvill, Rebecca Anne
2016Insider research: it’s all about me?Chappell, A
2018Personal journeys of recovery: Exploring the experiences of mental health service users engaging with the Kawa 'River' model.Lim, Kee Hean
16-Feb-2020Spatiality and auto/biographical narratives of encounter in social housingWainwright, E; Marandet, E; McHugh, E
2018Successful Students: Exploring the factors that encourage and enable students from a widening participation background to stay the courseChappell, A; McHugh, E; Wainwright, E
2016Thinking differently about continuing professional development: teachers’ narratives of professional learningChappell, A
2020'Trying to keep up': Intersections of identity, space, time and rhythm in women student carer auto/biographical accountsAlldred, P; Cullen, F; Barker, J
14-Apr-2018Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence: Brunel University London Evaluation ReportChappell, A; Jones, C
10-May-2021University Students from Military Families: The Same but DifferentInce, C; Chappell, A; McHugh, E
22-Nov-2019Widening participation and a student ‘success’ assemblage: the materialities and mobilities of universityWainwright, E; Chappell, A; McHugh, E
2011'You were quiet - I did all the marching': Research processes involved in hearing the voices of South Asian girlsLudhra, G; Chappell, A