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2014From exercise intolerance to functional improvement: The second wind phenomenon in the identification of McArdle diseaseScalco, RS; Chatfield, S; Godfrey, R; Pattni, J; Ellerton, C; Beggs, A; Brady, S; Wakelin, A; Holton, JL; Quinlivan, R
2016Mcardle disease misdiagnosed as meningitisScalco, RS; Chatfield, S; Junejo, MH; Booth, S; Pattni, J; Godfrey, R; Quinlivan, R
2017Misdiagnosis is an important factor for diagnostic delay in McArdle diseaseScalco, RS; Morrow, JM; Booth, S; Chatfield, S; Godfrey, R; Quinlivan, R