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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Nov-2017Acid emissions monitoring needs in ceramic tile industry: Challenges derived from new policy trendsCelades, I; Gomar, S; Romero, F; Chauhan, A; Delpech, B; Jouhara, H
11-Jun-2018Energy efficiency enhancement and waste heat recovery in industrial processes by means of the Heat Pipe technology: case of the ceramic industryDelpech, B; Milani, M; Montorsi, L; Boscardin, D; Chauhan, A; Almahmoud, S; Axcell, B; Jouhara, H
2019Experimental and CFD Validation of the Thermal Performance of a Cryogenic Batch Freezer with the Effect of LoadingChauhan, A; Trembley, J; Wrobel, L; Jouhara, H
30-Nov-2017Experimental and theoretical investigation of a flat heat pipe heat exchanger for waste heat recovery in the steel industry EnergyJouhara, H; Almahmoud, S; Chauhan, A; Delpech, B; Bianchi, G; Tassou, S; Llera, R; Lago, F; Arribas, JJ
16-Dec-2020Experimental and theoretical investigation of the performance of an air to water multi-pass heat pipe-based heat exchangerJouhara, H; Almahmoud, S; Brough, D; Guichet, V; Delpech, B; Chauhan, A; Ahmad, L; Serey, N
2017Experimental investigation on a flat heat pipe heat exchanger for waste heat recovery in steel industryAlmahmoud, S; Chauhan, A; Delpech, B; Nannou, T; Tassou, S; Llera, R; Lago, R; José Arribas, J
14-Jul-2020An experimental study and computational validation of waste heat recovery from a lab scale ceramic kiln using a vertical multi-pass heat pipe heat exchangerBrough, D; Mezquita, A; Ferrer, S; Segarra, C; Chauhan, A; Almahmoud, S; Khordehgah, N; Ahmad, L; Middleton, D; Sewell, HI; Jouhara, H
25-Sep-2021Heat pipe based battery thermal management: Evaluating the potential of two novel battery pack integrationsJouhara, H; Delpech, B; Bennett, R; Chauhan, A; Khordehgah, N; Serey, N; Lester, SP
2017Heat Pipe Based Systems - Advances and ApplicationsJouhara, H; Chauhan, A; Nannou, T; Almahmoud, S; Delpech, B; Wrobel, L
15-Feb-2020Investigation on a full-scale Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger in the ceramics industry for waste heat recoveryJouhara, H; Bertrand, D; Axcell, B; Montorsi, L; Venturelli, M; Almahmoud, S; Milani, M; Ahmad, L; Chauhan, A
1-Feb-2023Low-temperature heat transfer mediums for cryogenic applicationsJouhara, H; Chauhan, A; Guichet, V; Delpech, B; Abdelkarem, MA; Olabi, AG; Trembley, J
2018Waste Heat Recovery Technologies and ApplicationsJouhara, H; Khordehgah, N; Almahmoud, S; Delpech, B; Chauhan, A; Tassou, S