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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Contrarian strategy and herding behaviour in the Chinese stock marketChen, Q; Hua, X; Jiang, Y
2014Did the market overreact to the mandatory switch to IFRS in Europe?Chen, Q; Skerratte, L
2017Does learning offset hubris in serial acquisitions? International EvidenceChen, Q; Li, Shaomeng; Liu, Guy
2017Essays in behavioural finance and investmentAhmed, Mohamed Ahmed Shaker
2017Essays on efficiency, stability, governance, and regulations in financial institutionsShaddady, Ali
2007An evolutionary strategy for decremental multiobjective optimization problemsGuan, SU; Chen, Q; Mo, W
2007An Evolutionary Strategy for Decremental Multiobjective Optimization ProblemsGuan, SU; Chen, Q; Mo, W
2005Evolving dynamic multiple-objective optimization problems with objective replacementGuan, SU; Chen, Q; Mo, W
2016How accurate are professional forecasts in Asia? Evidence from ten countriesChen, Q; Costantini, M; Deschamps, B
2018The impact of IFRS adoption on the earnings quality: A comparative studyBüyükkurt, Ömer Faruk
2016The impact of international financial reporting standards on earnings quality: EU evidenceMohamad, Housam
2012The impact of mandatory IFRS adoption on accrual anomaly and earning conservatismChen, Q; Jiang, Y
2004Incremental multiple objective genetic algorithmsChen, Q; Guan, SU
2017Investigating three aspects of corporate finance within the context of GCC marketsAl Wahaibi, Mahmood Ali Khalfan
2007Momentum, Disposition, and tax-loss selling: the UK evidenceChen, Q; wood, A
2012Risk and seasonal effects: International evidenceChen, Q
2012The state of the market and the contrarian strategy: Evidence from China’s stock marketChen, Q; Jiang, Y; Li, Y
12-Apr-2020Unpacking the black box: How to promote citizen engagement through government social media during the COVID-19 crisisChen, Q; Min, C; Zhang, W; Wang, G; Ma, X; Evans, R
2018Upper Ordovician continuous lithological succession in outer-shelf facies, Yangtze Platform, South China: Facies changes and oceanographic reconstruction up to the Late Ordovician Hirnantian glaciationYu, S; Chen, Q; Kershaw, S; Li, Y; Li, C