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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The emotionally intelligent virtual learning environment: how it may be constructed from the perspective of secondary educationDonkor, Felix Yamoah
2008How do adults with cystic fibrosis cope following a diagnosis of diabetes?Collins, S; Reynolds, F
2013The impact of blended learning on female student-teachers in KuwaitGhaith, Omar
2010The implementation and impact of the secondary science National Strategy: A single-school case study to explore the changes in classroom teaching styles and the responses of students to these initiativesLloyd-Staples, Chris
2018Sixteen diverse laboratory mouse reference genomes define strain specific haplotypes and novel functional lociLilue, J; Doran, AG; Fiddes, IT; Abrudan, M; Armstrong, J; Bennett, R; Chow, W; Collins, J; Collins, S; Czechanski, A; Danecek, P; Diekhans, M; Dolle, D-D; Dunn, M; Durbin, R; Earl, D; Ferguson-Smith, A; Flicek, P; Flint, J; Frankish, A; Fu, B; Gerstein, M; Gilbert, J; Goodstadt, L; Harrow, J; Howe, K; Ibarra-Soria, X; Kolmogorov, M; Lelliott, C; Logan, DW; Loveland, J; Mathews, CE; Mott, R; Muir, P; Nachtweide, S; Navarro, FCP; Odom, DT; Park, N; Pelan, S; Pham, SK; Quail, M; Reinholdt, L; Romoth, L; Shirley, L; Sisu, C; Sjoberg-Herrera, M; Stanke, M; Steward, C; Thomas, M; Threadgold, G; Thybert, D; Torrance, J; Wong, K; Wood, J; Yalcin, B; Yang, F; Adams, DJ; Paten, B; Keane, TM