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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Dec-2020Critical Factors for Implementing Open Source Hardware in a Crisis: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 PandemicCorsini, L; Dammicco, V; Moultrie, J
31-May-2023Defining alternative recovery strategies for reuse: An analysis of multiple case studies under the reuse umbrellaFranconi, A; Ceschin, F; Terzioglu, N; Corsini, L; Ghoreishi, M
28-Jun-2019Design for social sustainability: Using digital fabrication in the humanitarian and development sectorCorsini, L; Moultrie, J
31-Aug-2022Design with and by Marginalized People in Humanitarian MakerspacesCorsini, L; Jagtap, S; Moultrie, J
3-Dec-2020Frugal innovation in a crisis: the digital fabrication maker response to COVID-19Corsini, L; Dammicco, V; Moultrie, J
3-Mar-2020Humanitarian makerspaces in crisis-affected communitiesCorsini, L; Moultrie, J
27-Oct-2020The impact of 3D printing on the humanitarian supply chainCorsini, L; Aranda-Jan, CB; Moultrie, J
20-Feb-2023A literature review and analytical framework of the sustainability of reusable packagingBradley, C; Corsini, L
9-Apr-2021Local and distributed manufacturing during the COVID-19 pandemic: Is crisis a window of opportunity for sustainable development in the Global South?Corsini, L; Moultrie, J
12-Aug-2022The making of a makerspace in Ethiopia: A study of legitimacy using Actor-Network TheoryCorsini, L
21-May-2018A review of making in the context of digital fabrication toolsCorsini, L; Moultrie, J
31-May-2023Towards a shared design research agenda for reusable packaging systemsBradley, CG; TerziogluTerzioglu, N; Franconi, A; Wilson, GT; Clark, N; Greenwood, SC; Fleet, K; Salvia, G; Ceschin, F; Iacovidou, E; Corsini, L
1-Mar-2019Using digital fabrication tools to provide humanitarian and development aid in low-resource settingsCorsini, L; Aranda-Jan, CB; Moultrie, J
18-Jan-2022Using systems thinking to investigate the sustainability of digital fabrication projects in the humanitarian and development sectorCorsini, L; Moultrie, J
25-May-2021What is design for social sustainability? A systematic literature review for designers of product-service systemsCorsini, L; Moultrie, J
17-Mar-2022Write up: Unpacking the circular economy: reuse and refill in packaging solutionsCorsini, L; Ceschin, F