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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Advanced modelling and visualisation of liquid-liquid separations of complex sample components, with variable phase distribution and mode of operationDe Folter, Jozefus Johannes Martinus
2011Citation chain aggregation: An interaction model to support citation cyclingCribbin, T
2011Discovering latent topical structure by second-order similarity analysisCribbin, T
2001Exploring cognitive issues in visual information retrievalCribbin, T; Chen, C
2012Facilitating insight into a simulation model using visualization and dynamic model previewsde Folter, J; Cribbin, T
2002Footprints of information foragers: Behaviour semantics of visual explorationChen, C; Cribbin, T; Kuljis, J; Macredie, RD
19-Oct-2015Have we even solved the first 'big data challenge?' Practical issues concerning data collection and visual representation for social media analyticsBrooker, P; Barnett, J; Cribbin, T; Sharma, S
2010Human assessments of document similarityWesterman, SJ; Cribbin, T; Collins, J
2015An interactive method for inferring demographic attributes in TwitterBeretta, V; Cribbin, T; Maccagnola, D; Messina, E
2002An investigation of visual cues used to create and support frames of reference and visual search tasks in desktop virtual environmentsMorar, SS; Macredie, RD; Cribbin, T
2001A study of navigation strategies in spatial-semantic visualizationsCribbin, T; Chen, C
13-Jan-2023Style over substance: A psychologically informed approach to feature selection and generalisability for author classificationHolmes, I; Cribbin, T; Ferenczi, N
2001Visualising and animating visual information foraging in contextChen, C; Cribbin, T
2010Visualising the structure of document search results: A comparison of graph theoretic approachesCribbin, T
2002Visualizing and tracking the growth of competing paradigms: Two case studiesChen, C; Cribbin, T; Morar, S S; Macredie, R