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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Oct-2023Hidden-information extraction from layered structures through terahertz imaging down to ultralow SNRCui, Y; Xu, Y; Han, D; Wang, X; Shen, Z; Hou, Y; Liang, J; Wang, X; Citrin, DS; Zhang, L; Nandi, AK; Yan, R; Chen, X
8-Dec-2021Numerical investigation on sealing performance of non-contact finger seal with herringbone groove surface topographyChen, L; Zhang, Y; Cui, Y; Zhi, B; Wang, J; Wang, M
2008Study of a micro chamber quadrupole mass spectrometerZhang, X; Mao, F; Xiao, M; Cui, Y; den Engelsen, D; Lei, W