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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jan-2018A direct effect of perception on action when grasping a cupRounis, E; Van Polanen, V; Davare, M
30-Oct-2019Dynamic size-weight changes after object lifting reduce the size-weight illusionvan Polanen, V; Davare, M
8-Jun-2019Dynamic Size-Weight Changes After Object Lifting Reduce the Size-Weight Illusionvan Polanen, V; Davare, M
11-Sep-2016Grasp-specific motor resonance is influenced by the visibility of the observed actorBunday, KL; Lemon, RN; Kilner, JM; Davare, M; Orban, GA
14-Jun-2019Neural effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation at the single-cell levelRomero, MC; Davare, M; Armendariz, M; Janssen, P
22-Oct-2019Observation of Both Skilled and Erroneous Object Lifting Can Improve Predictive Force Scaling in the ObserverRens, G; Davare, M
19-Oct-2016Physiological and perceptual sensory attenuation have different underlying neurophysiological correlatesPalmer, CE; Davare, M; Kilner, JM
25-Mar-2019Sensorimotor uncertainty modulates corticospinal excitability during skilled object manipulationDavare, M; Parikh, PJ; Santello, M
12-Oct-2016Stimulation of PPC affects the mapping between motion and force signals for stiffness perception but not motion controlLeib, R; Mawase, F; Karniel, A; Donchin, O; Rothwell, J; Nisky, I; Davare, M
1-Apr-2019Visual delay affects force scaling and weight perception during object lifting in virtual realityvan Polanen, V; Tibold, R; Nuruki, A; Davare, M