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23-May-2022A Comparison of Well-Being of Carers of People with Dementia and Their Ability to Manage Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Findings from the IDEAL StudyGamble, LD; Parker, S; Quinn, C; Bennett, HQ; Martyr, A; Sabatini, S; Pentecost, C; Collins, R; Dawson, E; Hunt, A; Allan, L; Burns, A; Litherland, R; Victor, C; Matthews, FE; Clare, L
12-Nov-2021Impact of COVID-19 on ‘living well’ with mild-to-moderate dementia in the community: findings from the IDEAL cohortClare, L; Martyr, A; Gamble, L; Pentecost, C; Collins, R; Dawson, E; Hunt, A; Parker, S; Allan, L; Burns, A; Hillman, A; Litherland, R; Quinn, C; Matthews, F; Victor, C
8-Apr-2022Impact of COVID‐19 on carers of people with dementia in the community: Findings from the British IDEAL cohortQuinn, C; Gamble, LD; Parker, S; Martyr, A; Collins, R; Victor, C; Dawson, E; Hunt, A; Pentecost, C; Allan, L; Clare, L
2005Mitral annular myocardial velocity assessment of segmental left ventricular diastolic function after prolonged exercise in humansGeorge, K; Oxborough, D; Forster, J; Whyte, G; Shave, R; Dawson, E; Stephenson, C; Dugdill, L; Edwards, B; Gaze, D
24-Feb-2023Navigating the coronavirus pandemic 2 years on: Experiences of people with dementia from the British IDEAL cohortDawson, E; Collins, R; Pentecost, C; Stapley, S; Charlwood, C; Clare, L; Quinn, C; Victor, C
29-Aug-2023Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic two years on: experiences of carers of people with dementia from the British IDEAL cohortCollins, R; Dawson, E; Pentecost, C; Stapley, S; Quinn, C; Charlwood, C; Allan, L; Victor, C; Clare, L