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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A business planning framework for WiMAX applicationsDe Coster, R
2017Co-creative design developments for accessibility and home automationTaib, SM; De Coster, R; Sabri Tekantape, E
2014Co-innovation: the future of telemedicine in developing countriesNyamu, J; De Coster, R
2011A collaborative approach to forecasting product–service systems (PSS)De Coster, R
2017Collaborative Business Development for Telemedicine DeploymentDe Coster, R
2013Consumer decision making in mobile-banking service selectionDe Coster, R; McEwen, C
2018Consumer Survey into Factors Influencing Mobile Health Monitoring Service perceptions in the UKSabri Tekantape, E; De Coster, R
2011Design for life (and beyond)Plant, AVC; Harrison, DJ; Griffiths, BJ; De Coster, R
2010Design for manufacture and sustainability in new product developmentPlant, AVC; Harrison, DJ; Griffiths, BJ; De Coster, R
2021Development of Innovation Acceptance Model for Wearable Computing: A Study of Users’ Technology Acceptance in MalaysiaMohamad Taib, Syakirah
2015Development of performance measurement model for oil operations: A study of Libyan oil companiesNouara, Adel
2021Development of the hot forming system using reconfigurable forming dies, digital twin and topology optimisationAly, Belal M
2008Differences in forecasting approaches between product firms and product-service systems (PSS)De Coster, R
2019e-Health systems adoption and telemedicine readiness: practitioner perspective from Libyan healthcare sectorAli, Abdullrahim
2018Empirical Study of Telemedicine Readiness in the Healthcare Sector in Developing CountriesAbdullrahim, A; De Coster, R
2016An empirical study on the innovation acceptance of wearable mobile computing: pervasive computing perspectiveTaib, SM; De Coster, R; Nyamu, J
2015A framework for collaborative innovation to facilitate E-health systems adoptionNyamu, J; De Coster, R; Taib, SM
2016A framework for telemedicine system performance in developing countriesWan Ahmad, WMNI; De Coster, R; Noura, A
2016A Framework of E-Health Systems Adoption and Telemedicine Readiness in Developing CountriesAbdullrahim, A; De Coster, R
2017Healthcare innovation and performance factors for telemedicine acceptance in MalaysiaWan Ahmad, WMNI; De Coster, R; Wan Ahmad, M