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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Mar-2022Building Bridges and Connections – The Language used to Connect and Define Communities in the Third SpaceDenney, F
13-Oct-2020Compassion in Higher Education Leadership: Casualty or companion during the era of coronavirus?Denney, F
27-Oct-2018Developing Authentic Academic Leaders in UK Higher Education: Challenges and the Resilient Leaders ModelDenney, F
2015Developing the next generation - Guidance and good practice in the leadership development of early career researchers and academicsDenney, F; Mitchell, A; Wheat, K
30-Sep-2021A glass classroom? The experiences and identities of third space women leading educational change in research-intensive universities in the UKDenney, F
4-Jul-2021The ‘Golden Braid’ Model: Courage, Compassion and Resilience in Higher Education LeadershipDenney, F
26-Jul-2021Hybrid Managers in Higher Education: Power, Identity and ChallengesDenney, F; Budjanovcanin, A
24-Oct-2018Preparing Early-Career Faculty for Leadership in UniversitiesDenney, F
13-Dec-2020Understanding the professional identities of PVCs education from academic development backgroundsDenney, F
1-Nov-2018A University Learning and Teaching Unit: Work in PracticeDenney, F
1-Nov-2020What I wish I’d known” - Academic Leadership in the UK, Lessons for the Next GenerationDenney, F
6-Jul-2022Working in Universities through Covid-19: an interpretation using the lens of institutional logicsDenney, F