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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The Measurement and Estimation of Density for Selected Liquid AlloysQuested, P; Morrell, R; Dinsdale, A; Chapman, L
2017Phase equilibria in the Fe-Ce-C system at 1100CMardani, M; Fartushna, I; Khvan, A; Cheverikin, V; Ivanov, D; Kondratiev, A; Dinsdale, A
24-Aug-2020Si solution in θ-Al13Fe4 from first-principlesFang, CM; Que, ZP; Dinsdale, A; Fan, Z
6-Mar-2019Understanding the Thermodynamics and Crystal Structure of Complex Fe Containing Intermetallic Phases Formed on Solidification of Aluminium AlloysDinsdale, A; Fang, C; Que, Z; Fan, Z