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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An approach to modeling and forecasting real estate residential property marketAl-Marwani, Hamed Ahmed
2019Assessing consumer behaviour within the context of social media marketingSalem, Emad Abdulwhab
2014Assessing the impact of physicians' social capital on decision making quality mediated by knowledge sharing in a virtual community of practice: an empirical quantitative analysisRazzaque, Anjum
2010Challenges and influential factors in ERP adoption and implementationAl-Fawaz, K; Eldabi, T; Naseer, A
2005Challenges facing transactional e-government systemsAI-Sebie, Madi M
2012Community leadership in a new democracyAl Mutawéh, Ebrahim
2019Crisis, what crisis - Does reproducibility in modeling & simulation really matter?Taylor, SJE; Eldabi, T; Monks, T; Rabe, M; Uhrmacher, AM
2008Critical success factors in ERP implementation: A reviewAl-Fawaz, K; Al-Salti, Z; Eldabi, T
2006Developing a conceptual model for the internal data source to measure customer satisfactionAl-Mutawa, T; Eldabi, T; Brinkman, WP
2011Development of a modelling and simulation method comparison and selection: Framework for health services managementJun, GT; Morris, Z; Eldabi, T; Harper, P; Naseer, A; Patel, B; Clarkson, JP
2011Development of modelling method selection tool for health services management: From problem structuring methods to modelling and simulation methodsJun, GT; Morris, Z; Eldabi, T; Harper, P; Naseer, A; Patel, B; Clarkson, JP
2013The education quality model: Saudi and British perspectives on pillars of quality in educationAbaalkhail, Mohammed
2015An empirical investigation of Middle East conflict management stylesAl-Sabah, Fahd
2017Enhancing environmental sustainability of healthcare facilities: a system dynamics analysis approachShehab, Salman Ali Salman
2006Evaluating telemedicine: A focus on patient pathwaysCoughlan, JA; Eatock, J; Eldabi, T
2010Evaluating the adoption of strategic information systems planning (SISP) in global organisationsBasahel, Abdullah M
2010Evaluation of the implementation of CRM in developing countriesAlmotairi, Mohammad AT
2016An examination of Gender Diversity and leadership within senior management positions: New insights from the Bahraini Financial SectorsAl-Halwachi, Layla Faisal
2014Exploring the application of web 2.0 technologies in the context of e-governmentUthayasankar, Sivarajah
2014Exploring the role of supplier relationship management for sustainable operations: an OR perspectiveSharif, A; Alshawi, S; Kamal, MM; Eldabi, T; Mazhar, A