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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20233D printing biopolymer: A comprehensively experimental study of interfacial bonding performanceWang, Yuxuan
13-Jun-2018Activated carbons from oil palm shell for hydrogen storageZhao, W; Luo, L; Chen, T; Li, Z; Zhang, Z; Fan, M
2018Additive manufacturing technology and its implementation in construction as an eco-innovative solutionGhaffar, SH; Corker, J; Fan, M
12-Dec-2023Advances in phase change building materials: An overviewSivanathan, A; Guo, X; Fu, Z; Fan, M
2016Aggregated understanding of characteristics of wheat straw node and internode with their interfacial bonding mechanismsGhaffar, Seyed Hamidreza
1-Oct-2016Analysis and modelling of mechanical anchorage of 4D/5D hooked end steel fibresAbdallah, S; Fan, M; Rees, DWA
2016Analysis of bond-slip between concrete and steel bar in fireJamal, K; Huang, Z; Fan, M
2016Anchorage effects of various steel fibre architectures for concrete reinforcementAbdallah, S; Fan, M; Zhou, X; Le Geyt, S
2016Anchorage mechanisms of novel geometrical hooked-end steel fibresFan, M
2017Bond-slip behaviour of steel fibres in concrete after exposure to elevated temperaturesAbdallah, S; Fan, M; Cashell, KA
2010Characterization and performance of elementary hemp fibres: Factors influencing tensile strengthFan, M
28-Aug-2019A circular economy use of recovered sludge cellulose in wood plastic composite production: Recycling and eco-efficiency assessmentZhou, Y; Stanchev, P; Katsou, E; Awad, S; Fan, M
2-Feb-2022Controlled preparation of nitrogen-doped hierarchical carbon cryogels derived from Phenolic-Based resin and their CO<inf>2</inf> adsorption propertiesZhou, Y; Luo, L; Yan, W; Li, Z; Fan, M; Du, G; Zhao, W
17-May-2022Critical evaluation of date palm sheath fibre characteristics as a reinforcement for developing sustainable cementitious composites from waste materialsAwad, S; Ghaffar, SH; Hamouda, T; Midani, M; Katsou, E; Fan, M
15-Jun-2022Critical review on the thermal conductivity modelling of silica aerogel compositesFu, Z; Corker, J; Papathanasiou, T; Wang, Y; Zhou, Y; Madyan, OA; Liao, F; Fan, M
18-Oct-2017Detailed Analysis of Wheat Straw Node and Internode for their Prospective Efficient UtilisationGhaffar, SH; Fan, M; Zhou, Y; Madyan, OA
2016Development of facture free clay-based aerogel: Formulation and architectural mechanismsFan, M; Huang, P
3-Mar-2020Development of highly efficient, renewable and durable alginate composite aerogels for oil/water separationZhuang, J; Dai, J; Ghaffar, SH; Yu, Y; Tian, Q; Fan, M
2016Development of nano-graphene cementitious composites (NGCC)Ilyas, Muhammad
2017Development of non-linear bond stress-slip models for reinforced concrete structures in fireKhalaf, Jamal